California here we come!

Well… Almost!
It’s the night before, bags packed, water bottles filled, car windows cleaned, ok, about those car windows! Seriously so hard to get them streak free! I even had some fancy window wipes that are apparently “streak free” ha! That’s a good one! I can’t tell you how long it took me to try and get them spotless, let’s just say it was a weeeeee bit-o time. Now we can drive with the sun shinning in and actually be able to see the road, I like the sound of that!

I’m super excited, first ever road trip where I’ve actually been able to drive, yea, it took me that long to get over my road anxiety! My little blue car and I are stoked! Just waiting for our lady friends to arrive and then one more sleep before it’s off to America! ;P Its been awhile since I’ve been across the boarder, we will be taking the coastal route all the way into Petaluma CA, three days of leisurely driving, a couple hotels and lots of pretty scenery, it’s going to be fantastic!

Will keep you all updated! Photos and details to come daily! Unless our hotel internet is a total uh, not happening… I will plan on the internet working great so I can keep you all in the front seat with us.


Now just to find that yellow brick road…. And it’s off into the sunset!

(Willow Harris Photography, Oahu)



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