Freeway 101!

Day one and two complete!

Wow, is the Oregon coast ever beautiful! From quant little fishing villages to vast beaches, dotted with falling trees and many, many still swampy waters quite eye catching with the long, thick fingers of the fog. Oh such fog! We’ve been lucky to get windows of blue sky and sunshine but so far a majority of our coastal drive has been engulfed with fog banks of the likes I’ve never seen in Vancouver! Much denser then what I experienced on Vancouver island, it makes the small towns, sun bleached and wind withered look quite haunted and abandoned, adding to the rush of adventure and excitement!
We had a quiet night in Newport Oregon and a sleepy morning back onto the road, then off to the sand dunes, in hope that the clouds of fog would part long enough to fully experience the dunes!

We were lucky, the dunes were lovely, soft blonde sand, so soft! Facials for our feet! We thoroughly enjoyed running down the massive sand banks (photos do not do justice!), we then padded across the silky ground to the sea. I will never get over the beautiful stretches of beach over here that seem to go on forever, literally as far as the eye can see, just sand, water and the grey shadowed sky.

Tomorrow the great red woods!!! That takes us to the end of our Vancouver to Cali drive, but we still have several fun packed days in Cali, with more beaches to tear around on, Mexican food and raw goat cheese! Yes I will drive to Cali for raw goat cheese, there is good cheese and then there is Redwood Hill Farms raw goat cheese, so, so very yummy, can’t wait!

Other then cheese… on my brain has been the street names of Oregon! Both enchanting and a lot of fun, here are just a few of them! Breakers drive, Edgewater, Wakeetum, Wakonda, Iris Lane, Blodget Rd, Lois Lane, Camp One, Shorepine, Salmon St, Diversity drive, Aqua vista, sunny acres road.

Looking forward to sleep and then hustling back onto the wild “freeway” for our final stretch.

Wish us clear blue skies and little to no traffic ;P

Nighty night world!







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