Human feelings hurt and that’s ok.

The pain of lost love is something that we are all familiar with, on many different levels, there are many different kinds and all of them hurt with a red hot sting… branding our hearts and leaving us scarred.

It never heals, nor does it ever go away. Not completely, we learn to deal, to cope, put it aside, lock it away, forget it until a rainy day when we are alone and all we can do is stare out that rain covered window and drift into memories of the past.

It’s no secret, we all pretend but the oh so human emotions are indeed always there, ever so often to peer at us and remind us that we are in fact human and it is ok to feel.

It isn’t easy to feel, feeling isn’t always nice, hardly pleasant! But it is there and sometimes we need to look at it to remember our vulnerability, to remember that once we loved and once we were loved in return.

When faced with a chance to feel love again sometimes the last thing we want to do is look at it… What if like before it leaves us? For whatever reason it escapes our grasp. Perhaps it wasn’t our fault, perhaps it had nothing what so ever to do with us, but it did leave us and now we have to look at it again and put trust into the hands of someone who could throw it away and then once more we’d feel that sting.

Can anyone truly say when to trust again, when to allow your palm to be grasped by another, when are you ready? Well if there was an answer to that someone would have a lot of money right now!

Eventually we must trust again, must reach out because that slightest glimmer of hope may be there, in the distance, cast in shadow and doubt but still there, lingering, waiting, watching until we open our palm once again.

To fall into our sorrow for always is soulfully sorrowful! A tragedy to the utmost! The chance of love of any kind is there, it is always there, we must hold a torch for it, must keep a shred of hope otherwise we are forever fumbling in a sort of deathly cloud that we allowed to fall onto our own head.

There is no one to blame any longer but ourselves. Yes someone hurt us and yes that was a truly terrible thing, but it happened and to hang onto it for all time is to neglect that part of you that deserves to feel love again.

Never cast out your heart to never be held. It is a crushing loss. No being deserves this. No being deserves the lonely confines of a soul forever wandering, oh so lost within the lonely, lingering night.

Yes, it is a deeply dramatic drama, soiled with puppy dog tears. Yes I did just say that and I would again in an instant. Because it is exactly that and more. You know, you’ve felt it.

So dare to feel it again, take steps to be the one that takes care of your own heart and dare to trust another to share that heart with. Do not be careless, or reckless but do dare, dare to love again.

In the end life is short. There is a time and place to grieve and there is a time and place to let go, step forward and trust.



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