Reminders of thoughts and patterns.

I’ll talk about this time and time again because I know I need to be reminded of these things and consciously aware of my thoughts as much as possible.

Sometimes this world is a super confusing and messed up place, things happen that just seem unfair, hopeless and make us ask why. Why would the universe make us go through this, how is it helpful, how can it be something that we have to live through? It’s just not fair…
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Gee that’s sure helpful to know!
We’ve all been through things that seemed unfair, that are unfair, but we still have to go through them, no one knows why, it just is.

We can fall into depression and feel that there is no hope, no love and no one who understands, or we can find a way to pick ourselves up and take control of our lives and find a way to live for our own happiness.

You’ll hear people say time and time again that you have to create the life that you want to lead, I know, sounds easy eh. Well we all know it’s not, but that doesn’t change the truth, we do have to take control and we are the makers of our own happiness.

That doesn’t make it easy, nothing makes it “easy”, like they say of weight loss… there are no pills to fix things, no short cuts to make it quick, painless and “easy”.

Know that you aren’t alone in this. Though we all like to think that we are “fine” and fake it to make it and say that we aren’t struggling, deep down all of us have at one point or another struggled and most of us struggle every single day, we are just really good at hiding it ;P

So when you pass a happy couple on the street instead of feeling jealous of their joy, smile at it and feel joy that you witnessed happiness and remember that what you see on the outside isn’t always what it is on the inside.

I’ll say it again and again…
Be the creator of your joy… of your happiness.

Know when to ask for help and never be ashamed of it.

Believe that the universe is a safe place.

And remember that what you put out into the world comes back.

Be vulnerable in the eyes of fear.

Love and be loved.

You are never alone, you only think that you are…

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3 thoughts on “Reminders of thoughts and patterns.

  1. I hate the saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” It can leave you maimed, scarred, permanently injured, an amputee, or in a coma. Not the saying, but the thing that doesn’t kill you. I think it’s healthier to acknowledge and respect our wounds; to treat them with care instead of pretending we are somehow better for them. Yes, they can teach us something, even if only the ability to sympathize with someone else who is wounded, and to help them heal. However, they also damage us, and I think it’s important to remember that as well as looking for the lessons. I’m tired of the superhero act, where people put on these masks and say “look how much pain I’ve suffered, but now I’m amazing”, when really those wounds are festering beneath the skin, ready to burst. It is good to recognize our pain, but also not to revel in it. Healing is a process that everyone does differently. And if we were all more honest, like you are being, we really would realize that we are not alone in our hurt. I commend you!

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