4 days of fantab

Spent the most fantastic four days with an awesome friend helping her focus her time to hit her goal for nanowrimo, I did not participate in the challenge, however jumped at the chance to focus and submerge myself into my own story.

I ended up plugging over 7000 words into my own project in the four days, and many, many more words since the start of November and I feel absolutely amazing!

What a fantastic time we had! From five to twelve hour days, coffee, tea, take out, over heating lap tops, a snow fall warning, a cat constantly demanding attention and brilliantly exciting ideas that flashed between us like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Taking a break from the 9-5 and sinking into our creative process was rejuvenating and has given me a new found love for my craft.

Live to write! Can’t imagine doing anything else…

Feeding the soul one letter at a time 😀

I highly, highly recommend finding a writing buddy, sticking on some tunes and hiding out for a few days to be 100% in your lovely, creative self. Better than summer break I swear ;P at least that’s the truth for me

Looking forward to the next time she takes a leave from work so we can delve back into our imaginations and discover new and fantastic places to build our dreams into realities.

Never stop dreaming and never stop laying that ink to paper.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in nanowrimo!

Even if you didn’t hit your 50k words, you still made your love important enough to push yourself further then perhaps you’ve ever gone before.

I toast to your awesomeness! Now go get some sleep! ;P

Plant a seed and watch it grow.


It’s a crispy -4 (that’s cold for us!)


Yep… almost got snowed in with my “all season tires” and zero experience driving in snow. This is what could happen when several hrs of not looking ouside passes you by ;P


Coulda been here…


Meh… who am I kidding, it was just as awesome as doing this. 😀


The home time lull

Well, I’ve been home for a while now, adjusting to being back to the routine of life is so never easy!
I enjoyed my little road trip very much! I’ve never driven very far period and never been the driver driving across the border and into the states, it was great fun, long, long days where we saw (as mentioned before) lots of fog. I quite enjoyed the fog myself and we were lucky to get many pockets of blue sky and sun which lifted the frustration of the fog quite quickly. San Fran was beautiful! All in all it was lovely, I’d be happy to make the trip again, perhaps earlier in the summer next time ;P

And of course the Red Woods! Bucket list check off for sure!

IMG_1550 IMG_1610 IMG_1576 IMG_1578IMG_1413IMG_1535IMG_1566

Now I’m stuck with that far too frequent down of just getting back from a vacation and having to face the ‘normal’ everyday life again. And of course, what’s next? The “what’s next” that drives me nuts! It’s like an unfinished puzzle that takes up a majority of my living space and all I can do once in a while is attempt to fit in a few more pieces. It’s that time when you want to plan the next adventure but know that it’s not quite the right time yet, so you must wait and wait and wait some more. Try to not blow all your extra (though little) cash on things to make you feel better about your time at home, because after all that cash is what’s going to take you into your next adventure! We must be patient and sit on it while randomly looking up flights to different places and not booking any…

It’s such an interesting self-reflective place to be in, one gets to think about what is really important in one’s life and what does one want to be doing for the next while. What feeds you, drives you and is also practical enough for you to meet your needs and make life awesome.

There is a very big part of me that wants to pack up house and just backpack around Europe and see the parts of Canada and the states I haven’t yet, you know…. With a few stops in Australia, New Zealand and perchance India. And of course these all involve quite a decent amount of money. There is of course the ever possible working visas, and I have duel citizen ship for the UK so that’s not really an issue at all. But do I want to be “homeless”? A nomad? For who knows how long… a year? Six months?

So many possibilities! And then it is winter after all…. So Australia then eh? Hehe

And of course what I really want to be doing is writing.
How I’ve currently set up my life allows me the time and space to write what I wish and do very little “paid” work. BUT if I decided to hope off on some hair brained travel plan… then all my extra cash that allows me this work/freedom state I live in will dwindle and when I choose to return “home” I will undoubtedly be required to work more and have far less time to be involved in my creative endeavours, but then is travel not but a creative endeavour in itself?

Oh the possibilities!

And when young and unattached, should one not travel, wander the globe inspiring one’s self to strive further and attain new heights in life?

Ah but yes… ;P


Freeway 101!

Day one and two complete!

Wow, is the Oregon coast ever beautiful! From quant little fishing villages to vast beaches, dotted with falling trees and many, many still swampy waters quite eye catching with the long, thick fingers of the fog. Oh such fog! We’ve been lucky to get windows of blue sky and sunshine but so far a majority of our coastal drive has been engulfed with fog banks of the likes I’ve never seen in Vancouver! Much denser then what I experienced on Vancouver island, it makes the small towns, sun bleached and wind withered look quite haunted and abandoned, adding to the rush of adventure and excitement!
We had a quiet night in Newport Oregon and a sleepy morning back onto the road, then off to the sand dunes, in hope that the clouds of fog would part long enough to fully experience the dunes!

We were lucky, the dunes were lovely, soft blonde sand, so soft! Facials for our feet! We thoroughly enjoyed running down the massive sand banks (photos do not do justice!), we then padded across the silky ground to the sea. I will never get over the beautiful stretches of beach over here that seem to go on forever, literally as far as the eye can see, just sand, water and the grey shadowed sky.

Tomorrow the great red woods!!! That takes us to the end of our Vancouver to Cali drive, but we still have several fun packed days in Cali, with more beaches to tear around on, Mexican food and raw goat cheese! Yes I will drive to Cali for raw goat cheese, there is good cheese and then there is Redwood Hill Farms raw goat cheese, so, so very yummy, can’t wait!

Other then cheese… on my brain has been the street names of Oregon! Both enchanting and a lot of fun, here are just a few of them! Breakers drive, Edgewater, Wakeetum, Wakonda, Iris Lane, Blodget Rd, Lois Lane, Camp One, Shorepine, Salmon St, Diversity drive, Aqua vista, sunny acres road.

Looking forward to sleep and then hustling back onto the wild “freeway” for our final stretch.

Wish us clear blue skies and little to no traffic ;P

Nighty night world!






California here we come!

Well… Almost!
It’s the night before, bags packed, water bottles filled, car windows cleaned, ok, about those car windows! Seriously so hard to get them streak free! I even had some fancy window wipes that are apparently “streak free” ha! That’s a good one! I can’t tell you how long it took me to try and get them spotless, let’s just say it was a weeeeee bit-o time. Now we can drive with the sun shinning in and actually be able to see the road, I like the sound of that!

I’m super excited, first ever road trip where I’ve actually been able to drive, yea, it took me that long to get over my road anxiety! My little blue car and I are stoked! Just waiting for our lady friends to arrive and then one more sleep before it’s off to America! ;P Its been awhile since I’ve been across the boarder, we will be taking the coastal route all the way into Petaluma CA, three days of leisurely driving, a couple hotels and lots of pretty scenery, it’s going to be fantastic!

Will keep you all updated! Photos and details to come daily! Unless our hotel internet is a total uh, not happening… I will plan on the internet working great so I can keep you all in the front seat with us.


Now just to find that yellow brick road…. And it’s off into the sunset!

(Willow Harris Photography, Oahu)