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Sometimes it is a scary step to take in making yourself important enough to do what is best for your highest good, often we can’t hear what that is because we are too confused by the buzzing.

Sit in the silence, you know what you need to continue your journey. One step at a time.

Go walk, dance, meditate, shut out the noise of the outside world and focus on you. Then throw that all out the window and just be for awhile. Don’t over analyse, don’t do the ‘what if’s’, running them over and over again until you are so tired you wish you could crawl under a rock and it would all just go away…

Let go of controlling the outcome of the situation, trust that you are taken care of, you can’t control everything…  and the universe is supporting you, the universe has a plan…. everything happens for a reason.

You are going through this for a reason, there is something to learn, we may not know what that is and we may have to go through it another billion times, eventually something will click, if only for a short while and there will be relief.

The only person who truly knows what is best for you is you.

You already know what your truth is, you will either choose to ignore that and continue on, or you will make changes to align your life more with whatever your truth is! It can take years, you will know your pace, you will know what you need to do to follow your purpose, whatever that is!

Trust yourself, everything is going to be okay.

What is your inner self trying to tell you? What can you do to better hear what it is saying?

Are you happy in your life? What changes can you make?


Breathe deep, you are not alone.


4 days of fantab

Spent the most fantastic four days with an awesome friend helping her focus her time to hit her goal for nanowrimo, I did not participate in the challenge, however jumped at the chance to focus and submerge myself into my own story.

I ended up plugging over 7000 words into my own project in the four days, and many, many more words since the start of November and I feel absolutely amazing!

What a fantastic time we had! From five to twelve hour days, coffee, tea, take out, over heating lap tops, a snow fall warning, a cat constantly demanding attention and brilliantly exciting ideas that flashed between us like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Taking a break from the 9-5 and sinking into our creative process was rejuvenating and has given me a new found love for my craft.

Live to write! Can’t imagine doing anything else…

Feeding the soul one letter at a time 😀

I highly, highly recommend finding a writing buddy, sticking on some tunes and hiding out for a few days to be 100% in your lovely, creative self. Better than summer break I swear ;P at least that’s the truth for me

Looking forward to the next time she takes a leave from work so we can delve back into our imaginations and discover new and fantastic places to build our dreams into realities.

Never stop dreaming and never stop laying that ink to paper.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in nanowrimo!

Even if you didn’t hit your 50k words, you still made your love important enough to push yourself further then perhaps you’ve ever gone before.

I toast to your awesomeness! Now go get some sleep! ;P

Plant a seed and watch it grow.


It’s a crispy -4 (that’s cold for us!)


Yep… almost got snowed in with my “all season tires” and zero experience driving in snow. This is what could happen when several hrs of not looking ouside passes you by ;P


Coulda been here…


Meh… who am I kidding, it was just as awesome as doing this. 😀