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Never too old for magic

I remember the excitement of Christmas as a child, peaking through my bedroom curtains to see if it was snowing yet, placing water outside waiting for it to freeze, thus telling of the inevitable snowfall. The smell of the tree of course was the best of all, when it was dark out the tree would sparkle as if lit by fairy wings, dancing with tinsel and fragile glittery bulbs that would shatter into a million pieces if dropped, we’d lose one or two every year no matter how careful we were, they were just so delicate.

 Best of all were the gifts! Coming from such a large family, my immediate family alone would fill the under branches of the tree with so many gifts that it became almost impossible to water the poor green giant, all dressed up but with no place to go, one would have to create a path among the presents or lose our precious new family member to drought.

Nothing more exciting however then the night before Christmas, the hush of tired little elves and the rustle of last minute wrapping, it’s magic in the air, floating around each of us, radiating and multiplying into a tizzy of rambunctious joy!

My siblings and I would dream of snow, we’d cut out little paper snow flakes and tape them to the very large kitchen windows, this was tradition to give thanks to the snow for joining us in the past and willing it to return once again.

In those days we had several white Christmas mornings greet us, in our eyes snow would bring all the mystical creatures of the holiday to our home and it never quiet felt as special on years when the snow stayed away.

Even with the likely argument between either mum and dad or one of us kids getting into some silly quarrel Christmas was always the best part of the year, to this day I believe in the magic that surrounds us during the holiday season, hearts are warmer, hands open, smiles frequent. Though it’s not so much about the wading through knee deep discarded wrapping paper that I long for anymore, but the wholesome belly filled love sensation that is everywhere. The air still tingles and the Christmas tree still homes a dozen fairies, wings all a flutter.

…And perhaps maybe, just maybe if we are really still and press our noses to the cold glass of our windows, maybe we’ll by chance catch sight of the first snow flake as it falls.




Reminders of thoughts and patterns.

I’ll talk about this time and time again because I know I need to be reminded of these things and consciously aware of my thoughts as much as possible.

Sometimes this world is a super confusing and messed up place, things happen that just seem unfair, hopeless and make us ask why. Why would the universe make us go through this, how is it helpful, how can it be something that we have to live through? It’s just not fair…
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Gee that’s sure helpful to know!
We’ve all been through things that seemed unfair, that are unfair, but we still have to go through them, no one knows why, it just is.

We can fall into depression and feel that there is no hope, no love and no one who understands, or we can find a way to pick ourselves up and take control of our lives and find a way to live for our own happiness.

You’ll hear people say time and time again that you have to create the life that you want to lead, I know, sounds easy eh. Well we all know it’s not, but that doesn’t change the truth, we do have to take control and we are the makers of our own happiness.

That doesn’t make it easy, nothing makes it “easy”, like they say of weight loss… there are no pills to fix things, no short cuts to make it quick, painless and “easy”.

Know that you aren’t alone in this. Though we all like to think that we are “fine” and fake it to make it and say that we aren’t struggling, deep down all of us have at one point or another struggled and most of us struggle every single day, we are just really good at hiding it ;P

So when you pass a happy couple on the street instead of feeling jealous of their joy, smile at it and feel joy that you witnessed happiness and remember that what you see on the outside isn’t always what it is on the inside.

I’ll say it again and again…
Be the creator of your joy… of your happiness.

Know when to ask for help and never be ashamed of it.

Believe that the universe is a safe place.

And remember that what you put out into the world comes back.

Be vulnerable in the eyes of fear.

Love and be loved.

You are never alone, you only think that you are…

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